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I'm Brian Grabinski. Freelance Graphic Designer - For Hire.





Like many freelancers, I operate in a home office. This means lower overhead costs. This allows me to offer more affordable prices without a reduction in quality. I’m not saying I am the cheapest designer. In fact, I pretty much guarantee that I’m not the lowest bid you could get. But, if quality work, attention to detail, and good communication is what you’re looking for… hire me!



There is a reason that agencies have lots of employees. They usually have more clients and must schedule their time based on the size of the client’s budget. It’s extremely possible for your smaller project to be overshadowed by the “big guy’s” job. Another thing to consider is that you might not get to choose which designer you want to work with. I personally like to work with a limited number of projects at a time. This allows me to give you and your project my full attention. Your project is very important. If you decide you like working with me, then you will always be able to choose me as your designer. 



It is tough to build a business. A good freelance graphic designer is out there working hard every day to keep their project schedule full. High quality work, professionalism, communication and attention to detail impresses my clients. My goal is to develop long-term relationships with all of my clients by providing superior quality work.



Good communication is critical to the success of your project. I am available to chat on the phone, email, and in person if geography permits. When you hire a freelance graphic designer, you get to communicate with the person who is working on your project. This saves time and allows me to complete your project on time.



Gone are the days when you had to be at your computer to get an email. With today’s technology, I am able to work with anyone regardless of their location. I have clients all over the United States. I use up-to-date technology — computers, software applications, smart-phones, cloud storage, apps, etc. — all to maximize my efficiency.



Freelancers are small business owners just like you. I have to wear many hats and have many skills. I’m a designer, marketer, sales manager, accountant, and sometimes, even a social media geek. When you hire me, you get a wealth of experience in the package. I have a wide range of skills and maintain these skills, and learn new ones. Having a full set of skills means I can say, “Sure, I can do that.”


Please consider hiring me for your next project.


-Brian Grabinski


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